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Lindsay Hall

Lindsay Hall is an interdisciplinary artist based in Las Vegas whose series titled "Fleshy Confections" balances precariously between portraying enticing treats and sensual body parts.

Each work is doused and dripping in light pinks with soft, textured surfaces and sparkly, light catching sauces. They stand on crimped, cupcake-like bases and are wrapped as soft sushi rolls. While looking decidedly delicious, they push back at the viewer, transforming a sweet treat into a corporal mix of solid and supple. A drizzle becomes an ooze, a topping transforms into a bodily fluid, and we become trapped between wanting to devour these works and becoming disturbed by them.

These small, pastel sculptures have an impressive power and Lindsay Hall allows each one to come to life. We can't get enough of their glittery, sticky, fleshy goodness!

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