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Nate Nettleton

Ottawa based artist Nate Nettleton give three-dimensional presence to two-dimensional lines, scribbles, and swirls.

Each of Nettleton's works is a treat for the eye. They vibrate with energy, as we imagine each giant contour being drawn with a full body movement. We try to follow the lines from beginning to end, working our way along each piece while the sharp, dipped edges created from the shift in colour and texture compete for our attention. An impactful contrast is built between the organic and the linear, the understated and the flashy, and the line and the object. The resulting body of work has a stunning simplicity, enhanced by tactile materials and a clean colour palette.

With these sculptures, Nate Nettleton comments on the tradition of drawing as a subject and a discipline, turning our attention to the impressive potential of a single mark.

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