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Dan Lam

Dan Lam is an artist who creates objects that are gorgeous, gross, charming, and captivating - all at the same time.

Lam's sculptures make us nostalgic. Their surfaces are hard to place; are they slimy, spikey or furry? They resemble silly putty, slime, or play dough creations, and their dripping limbs ooze over ledges. Their relation to a child's toy is enhanced by their electric tinged colour palette, their bright colour gradients and sparkling surfaces shimmer with a vibrant energy. They urge the viewer to tough their spines or squeeze their round edges, yet they are also animalistic and abject, a slumbering monster threatening to wake and spill uncontrollably towards us. These alien creatures expertly walk the line between cute and cautionary.

The blobs, drips, and squishes each have their own personality that draws the viewer in, giving them their own life beyond Dan Lam's creation of them. We absolutely love this colourful, cute and creepy body of work.

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