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Kelsey Shultis

Kelsey Shultis is a painter exploring the possibilities of oil on paper, with a result that is simply stunning.

Shultis depicts loose landscapes that sit softly on the surface of the paper. Her brushstrokes build up into the foreground, becoming thick and buttery with paint to add ocean waves, long grasses, and sporadic florals. This contrast of textures resembles the clean and careful nature of embroidery, adding to the delicate charm of this work. The scenes Shultis depicts are windows into a dream-like, idyllic world, with warm pink skies and flowers in vibrant bloom, each scene invites us into its calm paradise.

Kelsey Shultis' paintings are quick and decisive, displaying her impressive skill in her chosen material. We love how each composition is simple and underworked, allowing our own imaginations to fill in the rest!

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