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VIRTUAL GATHERING No. 5: Smith, Hahn, Duckhouse, Lawes, Procska, Okada

This virtual curation is a collection of prints across a variety of processes, including screenprinting, etching, and monoprinting. Vibrant palettes and crisp edges bring these works together in a cohesive exhibition, while contrasting opacities and textures bring tension to the grouping. These abstractions are an exploration of colour and form, pushing the possibilities of composition and printing technique.

Suzie Smith

In Turns / Constructions

Rachel Hahn

Division (Purple and Red), 2017

Silkscreen on canvas


Rachel Duckhouse

Shell Architecture i


70cm x 95cm

Jonathan Lawes

Print on Print

Walter Procska

Artist's Folding Instructions # 8"

30 1/4" x 44 3/8"

Paper: Somerset - Edition 9 V.E.

Shogo Okada

the wonderful cat #6, 2015


29" x 33.5"

#artblog #virtualgathering

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