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Marsi Van De Heuvel

Marsi Van De Heuvel creates intricate, detailed paintings with fineliner pens instead of a paintbrush.

Van De Heuvel's work, upon first glance, suggests a variety of disciplines. Their vibrant colour choices imply paintings, while their careful, linear nature evoke a delicate weaving or embroidery. In reality, her material of choice aligns more with an office supply store than a fine art shop, and these drawings are labour intensive and satisfyingly controlled. Her natural subject matter, including blooming flowers and trees, are revealed within the layers of linework, as this series offers a contemporary nod to pointillism's entrancing effects.

Marsi Van De Heuvel's works, despite their density, feel light and hazy, with the white of the paper glowing through the surface, and we love how these works play with our eyes!

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