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Laura Findlay

Laura Findlay is a Toronto based artist whose charming depictions of bats offer a new perspective of these nocturnal creatures.

Her paintings are murky and dream-like, with dark pigments decisively painted over fluid, fluorescent underpaintings, like a cloak of night surrounding their glowing figures. The bats are shown in their element, with wings spread in flight or ears perked high to observe their surroundings. She captures their unique characters and personalities in each painting, with their quirky facial expressions that are amazingly evocative. However, as we get caught up in their midnight world, Findlay allows her material of choice remind us of their painted reality, with streaks, blobs, and transparent oil washes.

Laura Findlay explores her fascinating subject matter with a confident hand, with quick gestures creating a snout, a soft belly, or a watery reflection. Her work has us contemplating how interesting and adorable bats can be, and we hope her fascination with them doesn't end anytime soon.

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