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Amber Imrie

Amber Imrie is an artist working in the San Francisco Bay area who blends the disciplines of textile and photography.

Imrie's photographs are printed on cotton, allowing them to wrinkle, buckle, and billow. The imagery is at the whims of the flexible fabric, as it creates texture, shadow, and even embroidered linework that competes with its printed surface. Imrie's disruption to the paper and photograph tradition allows her selected fibres to carry the image beyond its rectangular constraints. Skies transform into braided thread, and long grasses softly fall onto the gallery floor. While photography often feels cold and untouchable, these supple sculptures are inviting and comforting, reminiscent of a familiar place or a childhood recollection.

We love how Amber Imrie's work is timelessly captivating, yet implies the fragility and ephemerality of memory, with suggestive narratives that can be unwoven and forgotten with the tug of a single thread.

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