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Orlanda Broom

Orlanda Broom is an artist living and working in England whose stunning paintings of wild landscapes caught our attention.

Broom's colour palette is deeply saturated, with cobalt blues and violets punctuated by lemon yellows and poppy reds. Her surfaces glow as if backlit, illuminated by the stark contrasts. On first glance, each painting appears a tropical dream, full of large palm leaves, flowers in vibrant bloom, however there is a mysterious edge that stops us short from stepping into their paradise. Broom effortlessly builds up and blends a cocktail of techniques into each work, such as drips, soft feathered edges, and crisp linework. This allows us to be reminded that they are indeed paintings in one moment, before getting pulled into their surreal reality once more.

Orlanda Broom's work speaks to a untampered natural world, where flora and fauna have an enviable freedom. The underlying fear may be speaking to the fragility of this beauty, and its possibility for destruction adds a depth to this work we adore.

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