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VIRTUAL GATHERING No 4: Partheniou, Celdràn, Gilmour, Eckert, Cabrera, Antar

This virtual curation of sculptures examines the replica and its role in shaping our everyday realities. These objects, which are stripped of functionality, are a reflection of our habits and routines. Their materiality is artificial, constructed from stone, fabric, cardboard, wood, clay, and polyurethane - traditional and non-traditional, yet recognized, art media. They speak to a long-standing fascination with the simple components that add up to the human experience.

Caution Yellow, 2009

Polymer clay, Acrylic paint

Macro XI.

Polychromed Polyurethane, felt and epoxy resin

Table Globe

One Took Off

American Worker, American Made with Three Rivets 3 Bronze, 2010

Cast from original stone carving

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