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Jennifer Pettus

Jennifer Pettus is a Colorado artist who creates whimsical soft sculptures that are disarmingly anthropomorphic.

Each of Pettus' playful works has a personality of its own. They are overflowing with textures, colours, and appendages that bring them to life and make them unique. Their layers of fabric and intricately stitched details draw you in and reveal an evocative surface. Soft materials mimic flesh and embellishment implies organs and orifices, which become more animated the longer they are studied. Their plush yet dynamic nature brings to mind a childhood toy, however these, if toys, were created from and for an adult mind. They combine mature and nostalgic materials, including a baby blanket and a bra strap. Pettus is subverting childhood associations with these mature and suggestive sculptural works.

The pieces Jennifer Pettus creates are conceptually engaging as well as impressively and laboriously made. Her command of humour is also clear, as each title adds a revealing and often amusing new layer to her practice.

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