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Minku Kim

New York based artist Minku Kim creates stunning and colourful paintings. He skillfully restricts himself to a thoughtful colour palette for each work, employing the colours blue, white, red and yellow among punches of carefully selected hues.

Kim's straight edge paintings, at first glace seem simple, but they are actually quite complex. Their thick, gritty textures are built up layer by layer as the surface is reworked and composition revealed. There's an exciting tension between the clean line work and the less restricted brushstrokes that sit heavily on the canvas. Because his primary medium is oil paint, with an excessive drying time, patience must be a crucial element in the creation of these works. Their compositions appear quick and decisive, however their materiality suggests the opposite is true, with may of these works taking up to years to complete.

Minku Kim's painting practice is not limited by his focused motif. His work is pleasantly exploratory and each piece conveys an abstracted experience of a time, season, or place, that is further emphasized by he evocative title choices.

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