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Amanda McCavour

Amanda McCavour is an artist based in Toronto who focuses her practice on machine embroidery to combine the disciplines of craft and art.

McCavour sews onto dissolvable fabric, turning her embroidered designs, which by nature are considered additive decoration, into a final, independent work. Each design is a drawing captured in thread, with intricate line work and compositions that emphasize it's laborious and time consuming nature. The supplemental function of McCavours embroideries is removed and the focus is shifted onto their significance as a stand alone object. McCavour then uses the scale and sheer amount of these floating embroideries to create immersive spaces the viewer can move into, around, and under. The installation adds to their ephemerality, as each piece appears to be on the brink of unravelling, and their delicately hung displays could be quickly disassembled, giving the displays an increased sense of awe.

Amanda McCavour creates new possibilities for drawing, embroidery, and installation work by exploring the ways in which they can be overlapped, and her use of thread as line creates an effectively limitless opportunity for exploration.

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