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Rebekah Andrade

Toronto based artist Rebekah Andrade's paintings are bright, whimsical, and uniform in a pleasantly unapologetic way.

Repetition is a crucial element Andrade's work. She pushes the limits of her chosen forms, tweaking their composition possibilities. Her approach appears driven by the search for an ideal design, an exploration of abstraction and perfection. The subtleties create a level of interest that is impressive in such a cohesive body of work. Andrade employs playful, vibrant colours, including orange, lavender, and teal, which she grounds with a graphic use of black throughout. Various line weights add dynamic rhythm in the curves that wind their way around the canvas. The contracting use of washes and opacity add dimension to the surface. Dimension is also suggested through the creation of a corner, which can indicate both interior and exterior space.

Rebekah Andrade's work is strong because of her dedication to her subject matter. She is able to create an excitingly endless body of work and take her practice closer and closer to perfection.

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