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Meghan Dauphinee

British Columbia based artist Meghan Dauphinee embroiders portraits that are steeped in nature. By combining the disciplines of textile and photography she is able to create an innovative new series of work.

Dauphinee embraces the texture of thread and the effective way it mimics the fibers of the natural world. The softness of the thread also suggests the soft and imperfect quality of skin, using the materials to their full aesthetic power. The link between person and foliage is further enhanced by her carefully curated colour palette, full of warm earth tones such as soft greens and warm browns. The projected environment appears to respond to each subjects appearance and suggests a harmonious transformation of self. The image is carefully considered and placed, blurring the line between projection and person. The subjects respond uniquely to their metamorphosis, either by closing their eyes to the experience or by confronting it face on.

Meghan Dauphinee skillfully masters convincing portraiture and delightful natural vistas simultaneously on a single canvas. Stitch by stitch each portrayal becomes an impressive exploration of the human experience.

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