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Amanda Clyne

Toronto based artist Amanda Clyne creates vibrant and complex paintings referencing historical still life paintings with a contemporary twist.

Clyne employs vertical strips of an image, offering an incomplete view of a beautiful floral arrangement. Each painting is a collage of multiple images into a single composition. The layers this creates adds to their complexity and are delightfully intricate. The work is comprised of a variety of thick and thin lines, giving the paintings a satisfying rhythm. This also references the visual language of digital imagery such as barcodes, image glitches, and photography. Clyne's subject of flowers themselves are overflowing with symbolism. They can suggest a women's desire, celebration of life, and the morning of death. Wallflowers disrupts this symbolism by literally splicing and reconstructing it to make us reconsider these inherent themes.

Amanda Clyne combines soft and dreamy florals that contrast with the clean and precise line work separating each image. This juxtaposition emphasizes her wide range of technical skills that are so impressive its hard to believe her work's are oil paintings.

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