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Audrey Stone

Brooklyn based artist Audrey Stone creates clean and minimal explorations in design and composition.

Stone lays down thin lines of paint that shifts, sometimes subtly and other times dramatically, between colours. These linear transitions give a wide range of beautiful gradients and rainbow-like effects and the colours used effectively evoke drama and emotion for the viewer. Patterns and colours are satisfyingly mirrored to create striking repetition within her canvases as well as between each work. The lines of colour evoke the rings in a tree, suggesting both her process and the passage of time. Their subtle shifts in form convey motion. For example, in Stone's work entitled Close, the viewer imagines the sides of the painting closing in on the red center and in Press, the lines appear to be pinched by unseen fingers. While there is the appearance of movement, Stone's hand is entirely removed through her carefully taped edges and each line is created with an undeniable precision.

Stone's titles add a poetic layer to her evocative work, suggesting their underlying romance and action. The relentless level of care and dedication required to create such impeccable line work blows us away!

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