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Kal Mansur

Toronto based artist Kal Mansur creates eerie and entrancing glass constructions that walk the line between a two-dimensional and three-dimensional practice.

Geometric forms and sleek, straight lines work their way across Mansur's surfaces. They are submerged in a soft acrylic fog and flow between hard and soft lines, revealing themselves and fading away. Light passes through the clear layers to create this neutral, eerie glow, and it stopped short against block of vibrant oranges, pinks, and yellow-greens. The designs bring to mind shattered glass or modern architectural structures, and repeat and transform throughout his body of work. While they read as paintings at first glance, their depth of two and half inches and their reliance on physical layering aligns them with the traditions of sculpture.

Kal Mansur's acrylic constructions push the limits of light, colour, and composition. We would love to see the process behind their creation, as the layers build up and the final forms are revealed.

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