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Amy Wright

Australian artist Amy Wright creates landscapes that are loose and carefree. Their calming, muted colour palette effortlessly explores her chosen subject.

Wright's sketch-like paintings appear almost as preps for final works, yet carry a dignified decisiveness that gives them an impressive finish. They are freely drawn but have compositions that are very carefully considered. Oil washes and quick gestures sit on top of exposed pencil work, filling the pink washed landscapes with detail. Their warmth is fitting for their Australian based location of reference. However, while they represent a real place, they are filled with patterns and textures that suggest the landscape's elements such as rocks and grassland. She is able to a achieve a wide range of pattern design that simultaneously pleases the eye and brings nature to mind.

The quick, layered nature of Amy Wright's work gives it an energy we can't get enough of. They seem genuinely fun to create and full of life!

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