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Laura Jones

Australian artist Laura Jones' latest exhibition "Bleached" captures our attention and represents the health of The Great Barrier Reef.

The loose brush work that Jones effortlessly executes allows for thin washes and thick built up paint, perfectly depicting the movement of water or the density of the coral. While not held back by the restraints of photographic representation, the paintings are based on Jones' research residencies and epitomize her emotional response to the devastation she witnessed. The exhibition title speaks to the impending consequences of environmental damage and Jones' sculpture work punctuate this message with a stark and literal representation of bleached coral. The paintings however are full of bright and vibrant blues, yellows, pinks and green that give us hope that all is not lost.

Laura Jones' paintings are as environmentally significant as they are captivating. We love the passion behind their message and feel proud that artists like Jones' are working towards a better future.

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