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Visual Artists Newfoundland & Labrador (VANL-CARFAC) organizes the annual Excellence in Visual Arts Awards. Started in 2006, the EVA Awards support and celebrate the successes of visual artists in the province.

This year, their 13th year running, the award categories have been thoughtfully reworked to reflect the current artistic community and better serve the artists who apply. The five categories are (from

The Endurance Award (previously The Long Haul Award) recognizes the consistent dedication and commitment of an artist to their professional practice, and to sustained creative output and performance.

Prize: $2000

The Milestone Award (previously The Large Year Award) celebrates a visual artist who has, in the last calendar year, achieved a significant milestone in their career, through exhibition or presentation, a breakthrough in their practice, or new and innovative exploration.

Prize: $2000

The Emerging Visual Artist Award honours the promising start made by an emerging visual artist in the early stages of their career.

Prize: $2000

The Mary MacDonald Award (previously The Kippy Goin's Award) is named to honour NL’s beloved arts administrator, curator and writer Mary MacDonald, who has gone too soon from this world. She demonstrated unfailing belief and support for the work of artists and arts organizations as being absolutely necessary and essential. This award thanks an individual or organization whose efforts have helped to sustain and build the visual arts sector.

Prize: $1000 and an original artwork

The Critical Eye Award recognizes the impact that critical art writing can have on a visual artists’ career. Any writer worldwide who has written about a NL artist in any recognized print or online publication during the past calendar year is eligible for consideration.

Prize: $2000

As well as changes to the award categories, a new emphasis has been added on the artist’s ability to take their fate into their own hands and apply for the awards they wish to be considered for (applicable to all awards except The Mary MacDonald Award). This is a supplement to the usual process of nominating, which is still a crucial way to make sure the artists in our community are recognized for their work and achievements. Now, both the community and the artists themselves can ensure the deserving of the province have their name in the running.

The EVA Awards support artists in a myriad of ways. Artists who receive awards are given valuable prizes to help further their careers, as well as the award title itself, an impressive addition to any reputation. The Mary MacDonald Award commissions an artist to create an original piece of work for the prize, adding both a financial and promotional opportunity for an additional artist's practice. The Critical Eye Award celebrates not only the deserving writer but also the artist about which the winning piece has been written. And of course, the support of EVA Awards themselves in turn supports the programing of VANL, an organization that goes above and beyond to create opportunities for artists in Newfoundland and Labrador.

The application and nomination window closes on April 16, 2018 and until then a new, easy to use portal is available on VANL's website - no more e-mail or mail in nominations necessary (though those options are still always available). Award winners will be announced at The Room's on June 1st, 2018 at 8:00 pm.

There are also many ways to support this incredible program so it can continue to celebrate the artists of Newfoundland and Labrador. Sponsorship categories are available from $100 - $4000, the price of an ad in the glossy and impressive EVA program ranges from $50 - $500, and a number in the 1 to 100 fundraising campaign can be purchased (with the donation amount matching the number selected).

To learn more about the Excellence in Visual Art Awards, to nominate or apply, or to offer financial support, visit VANL-CARFAC's website here. Until April 16, I'll be giving the nomination page a run for its money and then, I'll be waiting for June 1st on the edge of my seat, waiting for what is sure to be an exciting night of recognition and accomplishment for the Newfoundland and Labrador artist community.

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