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Alesandro Ljubicic

Bosnian artist Alesandro Ljubicic creates stunning sculptural paintings influenced by nature and oozing with oil paint!

Ljubicic's paintings are gestural explorations that blur the line between floral arrangements and abstract colour studies. The quick gestures used to create these works reveal multiple layers of paint that often resemble rainbows or icing on a cake. The vast amount of paint he uses is impressively luxurious, and makes Ljubicic's paintings so attractive! The core element of Ljubicic's work is pushing the materiality of oil paint, which often results in such a height that they create their own shadow; a unique feat that many painters try to emulate on the surface of the canvas.

Alesandro Ljubicic achieves such an impressively wide range of hues using his flowing, wet on wet technique. We cant imagine how long these paintings take to dry but we're sure they are well worth the wait!

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