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New York based artists Adam Frezza and Terri Chiao make up the artist duo CHIAOZZA. Their whimsical approach to sculpture, installation and painting successfully creates a sense of joy!

One of the most striking quality of CHIAOZZA's work is the use of colour. The colours are brilliant and happy, yet it is the effects of lights that creates the real spectacle of these works. The reflective white wall creates a luminosity in each piece that is highlighted even more with the pigmented shadows. The intuitive playful forms hum with the energy of a playground and the possibility of dollhouse walls and the adorable scale of these works establishes their nostalgic energy. Intersection is also key to this series, the intersection of pulp and wire, wood and joint, painting and sculpture brings positive tension to this otherwise bubbly work.

CHIAOZZA explores work that is hard and soft, organic and geometric, big and small and all together creates a perfectly balanced body of work.

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