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Robert Taite

Winnipeg based artist Robert Taite's work pushes painting into new realms, and this certainly rings true for his perfectly minimal and clean pieces created for the exhibition "Introverts.

Colour was a central theme of this exhibition, with the works inspired by a short story featuring a navy blue bedroom in an all beige house. Taite's colour palette is steeped in this narrative, consisting of warm neutrals and punches of blue. For the curator, Jenna Faye Powell, who also wrote the story, "Works in the Introverts do not use blue strictly as a personality or mentality, but as a marker of a moment." Taite's paintings also depict the story, which brings spaces and people to life, by resembling both deconstructed spaces, figurative forms, and bringing home each reference with a title that piques our interest.

We enjoy how many of Robert Taite's paintings have a graphic, decisive quality that references both cartoons and digital drawings. We also love how their modular structure appears flexible and susceptible to change, is if each piece can be shifted and rearranged.

Visit Robert Taite's website to read the full story that inspired this poetic series

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