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Melissa Mohammadi

San Francisco based artist Melissa Mohammadi uses nature as a clear source of inspiration but lets her imagination have full reign.

Mohammadi 's drawings blend layers and colour with abstracted and rendered subject matter. The crisp contour lines in the foreground layers compete with the loose watercolour washes in the background and create a satisfying contrast. To reinforce this, the transparency of these contoured objects increases their ability to become lost within the background. While all forms seem steeped with intent, their imperfection and variance between decisive and explorative shifts the work between rough and delicate. Mohammadi's colours and subjects reference underwater escapes and tropical flora resulting in a blurred line between water and land in her imaginary scenes.

Melissa Mohammadi's drawings are full of contrasting elements that abstract and reimagine the natural world. We love how energetic and full of life they appear.

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