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David Cardoso

David Cardoso is an artist currently based in Lisbon who creates dynamic, painted abstractions. While each piece is undoubtedly a painting, his work collides with the disciplines of drawing and collage due to their layered and graphic natures.

Cardoso's paintings play with depth to confuse and disorient the viewer. He stacks objects to intentionally push against the brushstrokes weighed down with shadow. Yet, somehow these brushstrokes still sit on top of forms that feel lighter than air. Wobbly lines and scruffy colour fields compete with clean cut rectangles that sit on the surface of the work in attention grabbing colours like cobalt blue and scarlet. Heavy amounts of black also give the paintings a strong, bold quality that speaks of rough charcoal drawings or graphic spray paint, leaving them decidedly unfinished.

Cardoso's compositions are flattened and unconcerned with the restrictions of perspective, and are an engaging exploration of line, light, and shadow. This confidence in mark making and use of colour are compelling and we love how they draw us in!

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