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Nicole Czapinski

Artist Nicole Czapinski, who is currently based in Vermont as an artist in residence at The Vermont Studio Centre, creates beautifully simple and delicate drawings that we adore.

Perception of Czapinski's work shifts with observation. The thread that floats on the surface of her stretched fabric shifts from the appearance of a flat illusion of depth and perspective to a realized three-dimensional form. Czapinski states, "the work consists of a wooden frame with a stretched surface that is hung on a wall and so it reads as a painting. But when you get closer to the work there is depth and a space that breathes just beneath the surface and then the surface blurs and while they start out as paintings, they begin to read as drawings in space and finally as sculptural forms." They have Sandbeck-like precision and are cleverly simple explorations of how repetitive strokes can become forms. We read each stoke not as an individual mark but as part of the final illusion.

Nicole Czapinski's work draws you in close for inspection and introspection. She pushes the possibilities of her materials and her body of work grows stronger with each passing year. She is sure to carry this successful series into the future!

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