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Kristy Hughes

Kristy Hughes is an American artist whose unique painting practice is transformed through her use of collage. Many of her paintings push past their limits and become funky, sculptural objects that we can't get enough of!

For Hughes, collage is not only a method of abstraction, but also of structural creation. Paintings and drawings are cut up, reassembled, and take on new forms, such as 3D wave-like works that float on a gallery wall. Even in flat paintings, collage creates added texture, energy, and rhythm in Hughes' work. All of these impressive pieces feature patches of vibrant colour interrupted by graphic and jagged white and black details that add contrast and weight to each work. Her additive and subtractive methods are unique to a painting practice, making it interdisciplinary and one of a kind.

Kristy Hughes' body of work is impressively cohesive and shows dedication to a labour intensive and process based practice. Her process of destroying, layering, and rebuilding creates unexpectedly beautiful finished works and we can't wait to see where she takes it next!

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