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Mackenzie Browning

Denver based artist Mackenzie Browning is pushing the boundaries between fine art, craft and design in his print practice and the methods of displaying prints. We adore this approach to printmaking and the seemingly endless ways to explore print media.

Throughout Browning's practice there is a strong presence of flora and fauna that contrasts against the constructed architectural installations. Each installation mimics real objects such as bricks, concrete slabs, and a bright green lawn through both the screen printed imagery as well as the physical shape of each object. Browning's work creates a unique physical environment that allows viewers to experience printmaking, which is usually two-dimensional, in a three-dimensional way by blending the disciplines of printmaking and sculpture. The multiplicity of the prints he creates adds to their visual and spatial impact. Browning also effectively employs paper folding techniques for both structural purposes such as in the work Suburban Leisure, and decorative purposes such as in Queen Bee.

What is most impressive about Mackenzie Browning's work is the level of commitment and dedication it requires for the production of the large number of multilayered prints before even beginning to manipulate the prints into sculptures and books. We love keeping up with his practice and look forward to seeing his next project!

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