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Charley Young

Charley Young is an interdisciplinary artist based in Nova Scotia who interacts with her surroundings on both a monumental and intimate scale in her work.

Young explores the nature of time and history, and the way physical objects have a presence that can be traced and preserved. She works with the ephemeral, buildings, icebergs, and the bark on trees, recording their existence and creating artifacts that remain after the real object is gone. Young creates ghost images and objects that act as a shadow of their original, for example in her work "Resurrection" in which she mimics a demolished building in an ethereal installation. She also incorporates her body, which is as equally ephemeral as the preserved object, such as the bark of trees she casts against her palms in her series "Holding My Pulse in Your Hands". This large theme of fluctuation, temporality, and representation effectively carries through her wide reaching and well rounded artistic practice.

Charley Young's work is a combination of heartfelt planning and flawless execution. She tops each piece off with a title that simply and clearly conveys the depth behind the installation, drawing, or sculpture. We are blown away!

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