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Anna Valdez

Anna Valdez, who is based in Oakland California, creates beautiful and bright paintings that celebrate the things that make a house a home. We absolutely adore them!

Valdez uses a vivid colour palette to depict boldly patterned items, including rugs, books, fabric and plants. We find many of these re-appearing motifs throughout her large and consistent body of work, which speaks to how strongly we form attachment to personal belongings and spaces. She states the purpose of the objects in her paintings is "to understand the domestic sphere as emblematic of both personal and collective experience." Each work is lovingly painted, and the imperfect sense of depth and perspective only adds to their charm.

Anna Valdezes' paintings allow us to learn a little bit about her personally and the objects she holds dear. Her works look so inviting and warm we would love to step into every space she paints!

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