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Jim Darling

Artist Jim Darling, who works out of LA, creates these captivating snapshot-like paintings of airplane windows. They are actually mounted beneath three-dimensional window frames!

Darling's paintings have a dramatic contrast between their clean white "airplane walls" and the painted world beyond. Through this, clean, crisp, and white lines and machine made shapes strike against organic, loose, and colourful brushstrokes. These paintings display a combination of abstracted landscape and realistic imagery. Some contain hints of a recognizable location and others appear to be content in their non-specificity. This body of work gives us feelings of nostalgia, which is a highly relatable emotion for many viewers. Moments on a plane are often considered romantic, a change of location signals an transition in a persons life. Also, the moments outside of an airplane window go by quickly, reminding viewers of the fleeting temporality of these views.

Jim Darling is taking a familiar motif and adding drama and emotion with his brushstrokes. These paintings make us want to hop on a plane and go on a spontaneous adventure!

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