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Fideli Sundqvist

Fideli Sundqvist of Sweden creates imaginative and innovative scenes out of only paper! We love how he is able to render such complex images and objects using a simple, yet challenging, material.

Rich, bright and vibrant colours are used through out Sundqvist's large body of work. He utilizes light in the capturing of these images to give them realistic depth, like in the shading of a bird's feathers, a tree branch, or a juicy piece of steak! While most of Sundqvist's work represent 3D objects in a 3D manner, there are elements throughout that remain flat, simple, and unquestionably reference their material source.

Fideli Sundqvist creates fun and complex images using paper in ways we could not have imagined! From scenes of animals playing in the outdoors to ingredients for dinner beautifully displayed, Sundqvist is a master of the craft and we can't wait to see what he does next!

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