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Jill Platner

NYC based artist Jill Platner creates charming work that crosses the boundaries of drawing and sculpture. Originally a jewelry designer, she went from making "wearable sculptures" to large scale works in metal.

Platner's work is often flat, minimal and created with the possibility of movement in mind. We love that Platner hangs the sculptures, allowing movement and interaction with the work to become part of the experience, whether that means manipulating the pieces on their hinges or creating a breeze when walking by. Hanging the sculptures also gives the heavy, thick steel the illusion of weightlessness. River, which is hung on a crane hook, has the ability to collapse and expand, allowing it to give its viewers a unique variety of experiences. While Platner's work does not feel representational, the titles playfully suggest where her inspiration is drawn from.

Jill Platner's sculptures showcase her ability to push the boundaries of jewelry-like metal structures at larger than life sizes. We also love her adorable dog who seems to enjoy helping her give each piece a sense of scale!

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