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Heather Day

Heather Day is an artist working in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her paintings are ambitious, beautiful, and always inspiring.

Day's practice is a wonderful collage of different materials and mark making. She uses vibrant colours that contrast with the neutral surface of raw canvas underneath. The marks she employs have a number of contrasts as well, including large forms and varying line work, loose revisions verses decisive mark making, and the use of both hard and soft edges. Overall, these paintings have a gestural quality that allows us to imagine the movements performed to create each work, which also gives them a satisfying energy and quickness. Day works in different series' such as "Proximity to the Ocean" and "You Had to Be There," titles that evoke an experience or memory and add a layer of curiosity to the work.

Heather Day works diligently in her studio and is also interested in creating a community through Studio Table, her new passion project. This project allows Day to share a dinner with 14 guests meant to provoke thought and inspire creativity. We're sure this enhances her studio practice and we admire her inventiveness. We will definitely be keeping an eye out for what she does next!

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