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Seth Clark

Pittsburgh artist Seth Clark creates large-scale collages with detailed, deteriorating architecture as their subject. These works are imaginative and innovative, making us wonder how much of each image is observation and how much is reinvention!

The colours Clark uses are dark, dirty, and uninviting, which aligns perfecting with his abandoned and run down structures. The structures themselves are defying the laws of gravity and perspective, making them inhospitable. However, they have a sense of realness that is created through their incredible amount of detail and brought to life by their impressive scale. To create these wonderfully disorienting works, drawing, painting, and collage techniques are all required simultaneously. This incorporation of both subject and media makes Clark's work collages in both aspects, and adds a layer of complexity and ingenuity.

While these houses are destroyed and dismantled, Seth Clark's action of painting and collaging them into new entities allows them to be rebuilt and creates something fictional out of fragments of something real. These works blow us away, and give us a different perspective on the dirty, disheveled, or overlooked.

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