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Markus Hofer

Markus Hofer is an Austrian artist whose bright and colourful drip-like works caught our attention! These works are installed in clever and unexpected locations, making them even more captivating.

Hofer is able to create these incredible sculptures out of minimal materials and found objects. We think the way his works interact with their surroundings in seemingly effortless ways is so effective. The metal drips forgo all of their expected material qualities and instead imitate the qualities of a fluid, frozen in time. The contradiction between the illusions the sculptures create and what Hofer's works are actually made of fills them with irony. We also love how the site specificity of these sculptures locates them outside of a traditional gallery setting, which makes them more accessible to a diverse audience of viewers.

Markus Hofer's sculptures transform fleeting spills into comedic objects that are engaging in a thoughtful and playful way. We would love to stumble upon one of these fun and satisfying sculptures!

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