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Sarah Cale

Sarah Cale, an artist currently based in Brussels, has an unconventional and diverse body of paintings. While she employs a variety of techniques that shift as her art practice develops, she is able to successfully maintain her own unique voice in each work.

Cale creates her pieces by layering the images on their surfaces, combining fragments of past paintings to create whole new ones, and cutting raw canvas into free-hanging fringes. While technically distinct, her paintings are unified by their colour palettes, consisting of beautiful neutrals interrupted by pops of vibrant, unexpected hues. Cale also carries common motifs throughout her work. She fabricates unique forms that fit into each other like puzzle pieces and undulating lines that snake their way around the canvases. We read anthropomorphic shapes in her abstractions, which give her paintings a sense of character-filled portraiture.

Sarah Cale's confidently-made paintings have personalities of their own! Their titles, like "low rent oracle," and "shapeshifter," add even more interest to this already playful body of work.

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