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Bobbie Burgers

Vancouver based painter Bobbie Burgers creates large and expressive acrylic paintings of abstracted flowers. We think they are so lovely!

Burgers' colour palette has a strong emphasis on vibrant primaries such as lemon yellow and ultramarine blue, which she cleverly contrasts with muted neutrals throughout each work. While the subject matter is clearly flowers, her use of dripping, smudging, and blending wonderfully abstracts each work. The larger than life scale of these paintings enables viewers to experience them in two ways: from afar, they present convincing and captivating flowers and up close, they offer a view of their confident brushstrokes and gestures.

We think Bobbie Burgers' works, while their subject matter may feel traditional, sit outside the conventions of still life and landscape painting with their flat backgrounds and lack of horizon lines. As painters ourselves, we really are in love with this inspiring body of work!

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