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Arden Bendler Browning

Abstracted landscape paintings by Philadelphia based artist Arden Bendler Browning are full of energy and truly make us want to paint!

These paintings create a meeting point for landscape and architectural imagery. While they have moments that appear to be from a photographic reference, this layering of familiar imagery creates a unreal and flat space . She adds to this strangeness through a beautiful non localized colour palette and the high contrast created between neon and muted colours. The loose brush strokes and use of thin and thick paint increase the sense of mystery in Bendler Browning's work. Each painting is made with a unique painting material called Flashe , which allows the paintings to be both full of light and appear matte and the same time.

We could spend hours analyzing each location Eden Bendler Browning's paintings depict. She seems to have a lot of exciting new projects on the way and we will definitely be following her practice!

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