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Shannon Rankin

Shannon Rankin, an artist who lives and works in Maine, has focused her practice around using maps as a material. She takes this practical item and transforms it into something aesthetic and incredible!

In each work she allows the materiality of the paper to influence the final result. For example, in "Falls," it is the weight of the paper that pulls the piece into beautiful arcs. She cuts the paper in shapes that mimic a plot of land or an elevation line, further aligning it with the imagery on the surface of the maps. These works also have a compelling sense of temporality because of their installation on the wall. They can be changed and rehung in seemingly endless variations, which mirrors the inevitable changing of landscape.

Shannon Rankin's works are simple, yet we feel compelled to consider their deeper meaning because maps are inevitably nostalgic and full of memories. The clean and simple displays Rankin employs creates a contrast we find so successful. These works inspire us to consider giving everyday materials new life!

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