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Lynn Aldrich

Los Angeles based sculpture and installation artist Lynn Aldrich transforms everyday objects into installations in a beautiful and brilliant way.

Aldrich uses layering as a technique in her work. She builds up both colour and materials to create surprising sculptures and installations. The stacking she implements, changes her pieces from their two-dimensional materials into three-dimensional artworks. This layering is emphasized by the use of gradient colour, creating depth and separates each layer from the next. These works have a strong tactile quality, from the familiar source material of fabric, plastic and paper. Its easy to imagine what these pieces would feel like if we ran our fingers through each one.

Lynn Aldrich's work is consistently clever and it makes us want to consider everyday materials for our own practices. In each of these works, a sense of movement is present. The fluttering tulle, shifting gradient colours and gravity defying stacks have us entranced!

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