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Eva Magill-Oliver

American artist Eva Magill-Oliver's body of paintings and drawings are impressively unified. We love how each work is loose and full of playful energy!

Layers of patterns interrupt and interact with each other while allowing for a sense of light to remain within the blank central spaces. Magill-Oliver is refreshingly unafraid of leaving large areas open. Also, her body of work utilizes an extremely consistent colour palette. This uniformity is broken up, however, with the wide range of mark making tools used, each one creating an enjoyable range in the different qualities of line. While the patterns within each piece may be intending to reference nature, the colours of white and grey with vibrant colours peeking through remind us of a city.

Eva Magill-Oliver's work exudes life, and the free mark making have us wanting to make collages and paintings in a less precious way. There is something so beautiful about art made with this freedom because they have a real sense of endless possibilities!

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