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Henrik Eiben

Henrik Eiben is a multidisciplinary artist, currently based in Hamburg, Germany. We were instantly drawn to his body of work and the way it fluctuates between drawing and sculpture, which just adds to its charm.

Each one of Eiben's work is simple and crisp which makes them so visually effective. A sense of spontaneity exists in the irregular assemblages of shapes in these 3D collages. "Voyager" reminds us of a dry stone wall and each segment in "Yellow Bird" reminds us of a giant popsicle stick! Its amazing how Eiben is able to bring the playful and effortless nature of childhood crafts to life with this body of work, especially in his actual popsicle stick works, such as "Porter." On top of it all, the colour palette used throughout his work is consistently satisfyingly.

Henrik Eiben is another one of our favorite artists who is able to achieve stunning work in multiple hard and soft mediums. The geometric lines and pieces of flat colour in each piece is a celebration of simplicity!

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