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Sarah Graham

Does anyone else have a sudden craving for sweets? The paintings of British artist Sarah Graham throw us back to childhood treats and birthday goodie bags.

There is a strong connection to photography, specifically a macro lens camera, in the way that the works capture a crisp focal point and let the background dramatically blur away. However, the vibrant colours could not be created with any other medium but glossy, high chroma oil paint, and the intense colours are essential to these nostalgic subjects. Colour adds celebration to these everyday objects that speak to us about our childhood. We've never seen a sucker, crayon, cupcake or marble that was too big to hold in our hands, and this magnification that Graham uses throughout her practice also adds importance and excitement to each object.

These still lives feel fresh and exciting because of the energy of the colour and the language of a photo reference. Sarah Grahams paintings make us wish that every day was full of candy and colour!

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