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James Clar

The bright neon light installations by James Clar impress us with their technical complexity yet satisfying simplicity. They pull us in like a moth to a porch light, and we could keep staring at them for hours!

We can imagine these works to be visually entrancing when viewing them in person. They way they would become a beacon of light in a dark gallery would enable them to embody the same awe and wonder that are reflected from the natural phenomenon they are based off: the strike of lightening and a lunar eclipse. Clar's work also has its moments of humour, specifically in "Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!," which pleasantly reminds us of going down a playground slide. We also enjoy the way Clar's body of work utilizes a variety of colours, and how he effectively allows the colours to reinforce the content of the piece, such as in his use of red to yellow in "Lunar Eclipse."

These neon pieces take both human experience and natural world wonders and convey them back to us through minimal, artificial light "sculptures." We love the contrast between their real-life content and their industrial, almost digital, aesthetic.

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