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Brett Flanigan

Artist Brett Flanigan's works are full of grids, lines, organic shapes and colour fields. The colour palette and cheerful compositions of Flanigan's sculptures, collages, and murals draw us in.

Contrasting elements in Flanigan's work easily give them a captivating feeling of tension. Bright colour is pitted against solid forms of black and white in "Refraction," pattern and flat planes fight for dominance in works such as "Schism," and organic shapes are supported by geometric lines in "Moments." These juxtapositions support the planned and intentional nature these works seem to have. Simultaneously, the work has moments that reference a quick doodle, for example, in "Schism," which adds a level of playfulness.

The constant use of line and a limited colour palette ties his wide range of work together into a satisfying unified practice. His work keeps us guessing and we're excited to see where he goes next!

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