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Andy Curlowe

Geometric shapes, vibrant colours, and quick landscapes all connect in Andy Curlowe's paintings. The works have both calm and energetic moments, which speak to the human hand's disruption of pristine nature.

Pastel triangles and trapezoids interrupt valleys and mimic mountains in these shifting works. The contrast between earthy colour and synthetic, bold hues adds an unexpected level of complexity to each work. The obvious layering reveals the evidence of Curlowe's process of reworking each image. Pencil and raw canvas make these paintings beautifully and convincingly unfinished. We wish we had his talent of knowing when to stop! Also, these elements of Curlowe's work interestingly connect his painting with the tradition of drawing.

Curlowe's practice stays true to his intention of commenting on the ways that human industrialization has impacted the environment. The way they speak about such a heavy message while being visually pleasing and beautiful works are what makes them so compelling.

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