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Joy Walker

If we had to describe Toronto-based artist Joy Walker's work in four words, not five, they would be: minimal, linear, sleek, and freakin' clever!

Each work's title seems to be a simple description of what it is, but this simplicity is pleasantly deceiving. "Six Grids, Five Folds" is not actually made of graph paper, and "Four Lines Not Five" is not the line drawing it appears to be. Walker also blurs the line between the 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional by taking materials that traditionally lay flat, such as vinyl and tape, and manipulating them into 3-Dimensional objects. "Two Leaning Triangles" and "One Leaning Triangle" could easily be confused for a line drawing if not for the crease of the floor that shatters the illusion. These visual illusions carry through Walker's practice making her an artist we continually look to for inspiration.

We believe these works are so successfully simple because of Joy Walker's confident decision making. She is able to create extremely interesting works with minimal elements that have a maximal viewing impact.

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