Kayleigh Heydon

The work of Australian artist Kayleigh Heydon creates explorative abstract paintings of the human form. In her series, "The Pleasure is All Mine," Heydon has placed her work within a palette of flesh tones that interact on the surface of each painting. Their shapes are soft and rounded, pushing against each other tightly within their frames and creating a sense of pressure and energy. She repeats motifs throughout the series, offering us a glimpse of a hand or profile of a face, but not divulging the entire scene. These paintings are tantalizing and elusive, with simple compositions letting our imaginations take the lead. Kayleigh Heydon has created a body of work poetically capturing intima

Markus Davies

Dublin based artist Markus Davies creates paintings that explore geometric linework and bold colour fields in response to urban environments. Davies' palette plays with value and saturation to create extreme contrasts within each work. He paints a deep black alongside a striking lime green or poppy red, or he places two vibrant colours together so they appear to shimmer where their edges meet. These paintings push the limits of composition possibilities by reproducing similar shapes in a variety of colour palettes and imposing a layer of sharp, straight linework onto their surfaces. While they feel urban and architectural, like a blueprint drawing or a birds eye view of a city block, their

New workshops!

Hello there! Here at The Gathered Gallery, we believe in artists supporting artists. It has been apart of our mandate since the very beginning. We believe that developing a professional practice is crucial to the growth and evolution of an artist's career. But, we also know how hard it can be to find the answers and resources for this development. This is why we created Trade Secrets, a series of accessible online workshops to help connect you with information to break down creative barriers and move your career forward. We have gathered a stacked list of experts who will demystify common stumbling blocks and facilitate practical step by step solutions. Through curated information and open c

Emma White

Toronto based painter Emma White explores the intervention of humans on the natural world, and attempts to correct the imbalance we inflict. White's paintings are rich with pigment, their oily surfaces built up wet on wet into thick textures and creamy brushstrokes. She plays with pattern and rhythm, allowing repetitive marks to punctuate the surface of each image. The close-up crops of her subjects reveal her photographic source material, with moments captured from her concrete surroundings and her natural escapes. Her paintings superimpose elements from the environment onto urban scenes, such as flowers on apartment buildings or clouds on recycling bins. Simultaneously, she displays the ja

INTERVIEW: Sebastian Villabona

Colombian artist Sebastian Villabona creates work inspired by photographs of his daily surroundings. Through the visual manipulation of these images, he is able to achieve contrasting shapes and strong symbolism in his paintings. Here he shares more behind his practice with us. How do you draw inspiration from your surroundings in your practice? I’m constantly paying attention to my surroundings and the aesthetics of the city, searching for things that visually draw my attention and from there I borrow or take these references as inspirations. From old marks on walls, car/bikes tracks on the asphalt, contrast of soft materials against more rough, grilles or to construction fabrics, etc. Then